CARLA ready to use: Latest release
Please, read the README file included with the package before running CARLA.

CARLA source available on Github
Please, read the documentation for instructions on how to compile and run CARLA project.




CARLA uses free automotive materials from Epic Games. For compiling CARLA, these materials must be downloaded from the UE4 marketplace and manually linked in CARLA following the instructions in the provided documentation.

CARLA uses pedestrians created with Adobe Fuse, which is a free tool for that purpose. Currently, we cannot redistribute these pedestrians models. They can only be used in the provided executable.

Terms of Use

CARLA specific code is distributed under MIT License
CARLA specific assets are distributed under CC-BY License

Note that UE4 itself and the UE4 free automotive materials follow their own license terms

If you use CARLA, please cite our CoRL’17 paper.